Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Escape Kitty #30 - Kitty Meets Chez's Bird

Escape Kitty #30 - Kitty Meets Chez's Bird

Escape Kitty is a pirate searching for a parrot side-kick to sit on her shoulder. She scoped out a hummingbird and he was too small, too fast, too crazy. 

She scoped out a pair of Macaws and they were much too large. 

There is a dear sweet scrap artist at Scrapbook.com , Chez, who mentioned that she had a pet bird she calls, Cockie. 

Kitty managed to meet up with dear Chez's pet Cockie. Just a stunning bird indeed. Here Kitty and Cockie are having a little conversation - looks like a stare-down to the average person but it's all in the body language. 

Cockie had to let Kitty down easy with a "thanks but no thanks". If he travels away from Chez's wonderful garden paradise, he might get his gorgeous white feathers dirty. That's just not becoming for a handsome proud bird dressed in white. 

So off to to some thinking. arrrrrggggg. Perhaps the life of a pirate is not so easy after all Kitty. Safe travels. 

Thanks a ton to Chez for letting me borrow Cockie! Please go check out Chez's amazing gallery. She is so talented and one of the first artists I tagged as a favorite artist when I joined SB.com. She's like the mayor over there always spreading sunshine and kind words and comments. 

I also used the wonderful Dusty Attic mini garden gates to represent Chez's garden. 

This was made with the gorgeous Scraps Of Darkness Nov. Kit called Purple Haze. It's diverse and playful and fun. Come check us out where Kitty is the Official Mascot Designer. 

Here I used some molding paste and applied it to a Tattered Angels mask.  After it dried, I used some Stickles  in Icicle  to give it glitter and glam.

I used the purple shabby chic ribbon that came in the Scraps Of Darkness Nov Kit and just wound them up a bit like little flowers.
Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder 

Thanks for looking

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