Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where do the Stories come from?

So where do my stories come from?  

Well, not saying Escape Kitty stories aren't totally TRUE....

BUT, if they weren't, where do they come from?  How do I write them?  What's my process?
Kitty thinks she is a rock'n'roll star with all the photos that get clicked around here.  Sometimes when the photo is from a distant place like Morocco, it means she probably ditched into a photo booth.  I never asked, but that's me thinkin.

I start with the photo... then add the art.  The creation is always first before the story line.  As for the story, I rarely know where it is going until I upload the photo.  The story is as unpredictable as Kitty is.   I write it on the fly and I have to write it quickly.  If I over think it,  I am bound to mess things up and get the "facts" incorrect.  
Can't do to much thinking in this process.  Good grief - I know that Kitty is not doing much thinkin!

Sometimes I even type with my eyes closed.  You can probably tell which adventures those are.  LOL
Those are usually the stories that involve what I like to call my BIG THREE EXASPERATIONS:  

  1. breaking the law
  2. need for bail bond money
  3. vast drain on my sanity

My examples:

Escape Kitty ( and Chena) -Over the Falls in a Barrel

This one involved my whole list: breaking the law, tons of bail bond money and major sanity check.  The raggafuffins had no idea ridding Niagara Falls was illegal.  Got in all sorts of trouble.  Spent time in jail too - they did, NOT me.  Though I probably came close and pushed the outer limits of one particular police officer in Niagara Falls. 

You can read adventure #17 here.

This adventure only involved the drain of my sanity, however let me assure you it was a total and complete sanity blowout.    They wished themselves out of jail on a magic carpet sailing off to Morocco. Incredible!   
You can read this crazy adventure #18 here.

So what I am trying to say is the story writes itself.   Really and truly.  

And as always, special thanks and shout out to Maggi and her Standard Poodle, Chena for their collaboration.  Please read Maggi's blog Scrap Travel Bark for additional stories on the daring duo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode #23 -Escape Kitty - Credit Card Statement Came

Episode #22
Escape Kitty - Credit Card Came
Episode #23 - On going scrappy saga.............Travel travel travel. All this world traveling adds up to big bucks on someone's credit card. Even magic carpet rides are not free (who knew? - see my gallery for Kitty's Episode #18 Magic Carpet Ride for that crazy story) 

Kitty and a Standard Poodle named Chena have been sneaking around the world on a giant "kick-back and be free" kind of vacation. Great for the wealthy but Kitty doesn't even have a dime to her name and no pockets to carry that dime if she did have one. 

Chena, by the way, is Maggi43's wild dog of adventure. 

ahhhhhh who is footing the bills you ask? All this time, I thought the trips with Chena were funded from Maggi's generous heart. I had heard that Maggi gave Chena the credit card on their first trip to Alaska. That trip was supposed to be the trip to end all trips. 

hahahahaha -yeah, but no. It just started a whole domino effect where now Kitty feels she was born to roam the world and get "cultured" as she says. 

BAM - I was holding the MOTHER OF ALL MOTHER credit card bills. Black Friday hit my house! Are you seriously kidding me???? Kiiiiiiiittttttttttty! What have you been buying? 

Funny how I was not really concerned when I thought it was Maggi's credit card but now that it's mine, my shorts are all in a bunch. Well I am sorry Maggi for my selfishness over your bills. 

So now what? Kitty is grounded. Time Out! Stuck at home while I go to visit Maggi and smooth this all out. I am looking forward to meeting Maggi but dreading to hear how much her credit card bill is. I think I need a second job to pay the super ginormous bill those two raggamuffins racked up. 

This is a photo of Kitty in TIME OUT! Get used to it Kitty. And wipe that smirk off your face because I am serious! 

Created using the Scraps Of Darkness Sept. Kit - Passages for a round robin challenge there. The kit is totally gorgeous and packed with amazing goodness. You can take it vintage, feminine, or grungy and dark. Whatever your heart desires. It all works. 

I also used a piece of Dusty Attic at the top. OK truth be told that's where my credit card gets used. I love me my Dusty Attic. 

Visit Maggi's blog, Scrap Travel Bark for more Kitty and Chena adventures.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Episode #22 Great Great Granny Kitty

Great Great Granny Kitty - created with the Scraps Of Darkness Sept Kit.
Special thanks to suepup - Charlotte Jenkins for creating the wonderful sketch.

We all know how Kitty got her start….the coyote wandered into our yard and her access to the outside came screeching to a halt. Now she can only get outside by means of sneaky, quick escape. Usually has to be well planned to be successful or she gets hauled back inside pretty quick by the door warden (my husband, my kids or me). 

A little family history now . Kitty likes to tell the story of her family coming to America on the Mayflower as an original settler in 1620. The Mayflower was a startlingly small ship that carried only 102 passengers, a crew of 25-30, a few thousand mice, and the Kitty family. 

While somewhat true, the real story is more like this: The Kitty family had heard about a ship setting sail for a new world. The crew knew the journey would be grueling (66 days in fact) and were looking for bold, brave cats to help take care of the rodent population aboard the sailing ship. This would keep passengers safe from disease. In exchange, the crew promised free passage on the ship, plenty of food and to live the dream ( for any of you Tim Holtz fans, ‘ Live the dream” is something he would say. Kind of a Tim Holtz type moment even back then! And for all you non- scrappers - sorry but I had to add it in. How about you try some scrappin?  LOL). Wouldn't you know that a few of Kitty's ancestors accepted the interesting job offer. Off they sailed. 

Thus Kitty family landed in America. Fast forward to Great Great Grand Kitty in her youth. She was certainly adventurous, traveling about the country hopping rides on stage coaches (as seen in the photo), trains, horseback and whatnot to cross the big land. This photo was taken before she started her kitten family. The resemblance to Escape Kitty is remarkable, don'tcha think? 
I almost forgot to mention the background layers.  Those are 2 pages ripped out of a book that Great Great Granny carried in her paws everywhere she traveled.  The book is from 1895 and as brittle as anything so I had to use Modpodge to secure it so it did not crumble to pieces. 

Wanna know what the book was about?  Don't laugh.  It was Conversational Dialogue - Ways to talk more properly about all different subjects.  Apparently Great Great Granny was a chatterbox on several topics. 
This book was passed down to Escape Kittyy, who has no use for the conversational anything.   She is a mumbler.  LOL  Hope she never notices that I ripped - no, I mean , a few pages fell out of the book and I used them on this layout. 

Now you know a little more about Kitty, her heritage, and why she enjoys roaming the great outdoors. 

On this piece, I used the Dusty Attic clock face to replicate the feel of the wagon wheel and represent time. I also used the Dusty Attic stamp at the top. 

Thanks a bunch and have an adventurous but safe day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

You're Really Milking the Anniversary and Birthday Events Kitty!

Kitty is really stretching out the celebrations here.  Perhaps it's not her fault.  Chena sent her these flowers to celebrate (Chena is Maggi's Standard Poodle who has befriended Kitty and has become her traveling companion and cohort in mischief.).  I suspect they were charged to Maggi's credit card!  LOL ohhhhh that cracks me up. Maggi, are you checking your credit card statement closely?    Is there even any room  left to charge after the pair took your credit card on vacation to Alaska and to Morocco?  
But thanks Chena for the lovely gift.  the roses are spectacular!

Kitty is taking time to smell the roses.  OK, actually she is also taking time to eat the roses.   Who'da thought that Chena's delivery was really LUNCH?

No thanks, Kitty.  I'm good.  I already ate.  It's all yours so enjoy.

(Thanks Maggi for your collaboration in this even though you had no idea Chena was still ringing up charges on your credit card to pay.  Please visit her on Scrap Travel Bark).

Monday, September 5, 2011

Winner of the August Escape Kitty Challenge at Scrapbook.com

Winner of the August Escape Kitty Challenge at Scrapbook.com

The Escape Kitty challenge is for people to showcase their friends and family. Not necessarily the furry kind of family, the human kind do nicely.

 Congrats KimmyC70.  This is just a stunning page.  Your distressing and your paper choice is perfect for the starkness you were trying hard to achieve - and perfectly accomplished.

Here is an excerpt from KimmyC70's description:

Description: This is a photo of my Dad (middle) and his two brothers, taken outside their school in Banton (near Glasgow), Scotland in 1950. I love this photo, there's mischief and mayhem written all over those three little faces. They remind me of the original 'sand lot kids'. LOL. Despite the many hardships and poverty my Dad's family faced during the early post WWII years, from the stories I've been told over the years, there seems to still have been plenty of moments worth remembering and smiling about.
I wanted this lo to be anything but girly, and to somehow reflect the challenges my Dad's family faced. That's why the paper is all shabby, there are no colors or embellishments, the burlap and newspaper printed pps represent the methods used to wallpaper houses back in the day, all the tearing and scruffiness represents the lack of money to spend on 'decorations', the branches with their few flowers represent the shortage of fripperies. The chipboard buttons and twine represent the use what you have and making do. Yet, there is my dad and his brothers, grinning from ear to ear, because they had each other, they had their parents love (albeit tough love sometimes) and they had true grit and real character. In that regard, they were very wealthy.
Thanks for looking.

Thanks for playing along with Kitty KimmyC!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary to Escape Kitty (and Happy Birthday)

Happy 1st Anniversary to Escape Kitty (And Happy Birthday)
Happy Birthday Kitty - Sept 1st.  She is 4 today. 

But the real saga began 1 year ago....
It was one year today that my sweetheart transformed from house cat to Escape Kitty.

Just how did that happen?  It's a sad tale actually.

My cat is the quickest door dasher on the planet. She's out before I even have the door open. She lives for the thrill of the escape. I never minded too much before but on Sept 1, 2010, our lives changed.  

I let the Kitty out to romp and explore her backyard world when I saw a coyote wander into the yard sniffin for dinner. Frightened me to no end.   That put a quick halt on the outdoor fun.   So now she just dreams of the escape. Well she tries too escape as well, and manages some of the time.  

And thus A Legend was born.........Escape Kitty

She's been a Superhero
She's gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel
She's been sent to jail for going over Niagara Falls in that barrel
She's wished herself right onto a magic carpet
She's been to Alaska in a motor home driven by a Standard Poodle (Chena)
She's made some unusual friends: a baby bear, a wolf
She's pretended to be Santa 
She's been to Morocco
She's jammed with a monk playing a sitar in Morocco
She's hobnobbed with the Royals at a Moroccan Palace
and she's just getting started!

Much thanks to Maggi and Chena in helping to spread the magic of Escape Kitty. Visit Maggi's blog  , Scrap travel Bark for more antics.

Episode #21 Escape Kitty What's in a Nickname? -Scraps Of Darkness

Episode #21 Escape Kitty What's in a Nickname? created for Scraps Of Darkness

Episode #20 Escape Kitty ( and Chena)- Rockin’ it out in Morocco

Episode #20 Escape Kitty ( and Chena)- Rockin’ it out in Morocco

Escape Kitty is my sweetheart of a Kitty who loves to ditch out the door at breakneck speeds. That's really super fast for those of you wondering. Gotta watch that little bugger at all times.

Kitty is friends with a standard Poodle named Chena, owned by Maggi43, who is a super talented scrap artist here at SB.com and elsewhere.

Cat and Dog both desired to get away and as wishes go, if one wishes just hard enough, well then one may find themselves on a flying carpet headed for Morocco. Just like Escape Kitty and Chena did in episode #18. Flew right out the front door on a carpet headed to faraway lands for adventure.

Let me explain how this photo came to be. Kitty does not have great command of the English language as far as she let's on. She hears the word Morocco and associates the word with music. Rock N Roll to be exact. MORE–ROCK-O. duh! Her daddy at home, (my husband), is a guitar player in a band so that's what she knows. Kitty knows Rock N Roll.

Kind of like the saying “While in Rome, Do as the Romans”, while in More-Rock-O, go listen to some music.

Escape Kitty and Chena seem to be jamming to the music of a monk or such like that in Morocco. He has enchanted them both with his guitar-thingy. Have no idea what that instrument is but everyone looks happy.

I am shocked that Kitty did not hop on the couch with Mr. Monk to lounge in comfort – but then perhaps there are proper etiquette rules to be followed in the Monk's house. Goodness gracious – Kitty does NOT obey the rules in MY house – which is why I am shocked.

If you look in the photo, the Monk has placed honorary hats on the sofa armrests for each of the crazy hooligans. The hats are far too large for the pets heads – must be the Monks don't get furry visitors often or else they'd have been more prepared with smaller hat sizes. That's my guess.

Have fun sweet babies. Rock on!

Please visit Maggi's blog, Scrap Travel Bark also for more antics from this crazy pair. She has some amazing work.

Also need to credit my new friends Alex and Valerie H for sending me the photos from Morocco. They were perfect!

Episode #19 Escape Kitty ( and Chena)- Off to the Moroccan Palace

Episode #19 Escape Kitty ( and Chena)- Off to the Moroccan Palace designed for Scraps of Darkness

Little background to fill you in.... I have a Kitty who loves to escape. She can no longer roam about my yard because we now have a coyote that's moved into the neighborhood and is seeking her out. So she lives for the escape and man - she is fast out that door. She would prefer to roam about the countryside as she pleases.

Well, there is a Standard Poodle named Chena who somehow heard about Kitty's plight and would also like to roam about the world. Chena is owned by fellow scrapper Maggi43 – or rather Maggi is owned by Chena because that's how it really is with pets.

The two pets somehow managed to make it happen. They now escape and travel here and there, much to our dismay and with much expense to Maggi since Chena has her credit card.

In the last episode, Escape Kitty and Chena floated out of jail on a magic carpet and headed to Morocco. It appears they landed and have made their way to a palace to do a bit of site seeing. They are gonna have to get past the guard first. Since these hooligans already have experience handling guards while locked away at Niagara Falls, this should be a piece of cake.

Sunscreen Kitty – don't forget the sunscreen!

This was made for the Round Robin over at Scraps of Darkness. I used molding paste and a Prima mask to create some texture, and then added the ceramic tiles to resemble the light desert architecture.

Thanks for looking. Special thanks to Maggi43 for her collaboration on the whacky adventure.

Please visit Maggi's blog, Scrap Travel Bark for more adventures and amazing art work.

Also need to credit my new friedns Alex and Valerie H for sending me the photos from Morocco. They were perfect!

This was designed using the July Scraps of Darkness Kit. Just a whole lot of gorgeous scrappy fun packed in that kit!

Episode #18 Escape Kitty ( and Chena) -Magic Carpet Ride

Episode #18 Escape Kitty ( and Chena) -Magic Carpet Ride  created for Scraps of Darkness

Well, well, well. Episode #17 landed Escape Kitty and Chena( Maggi43's Standard Poodle) in a Jail in Niagara Falls. The crazy scallywags decided to joy ride over the falls in a barrel – and oh by the way – it's illegal. It's all fun and games till someone ends up in jail.

I was headed to the Falls to bail them out armed with home baked cookies in case the Authorities needed extra incentive to free them. When I arrived at the jailhouse, I announced who I was, my purpose and that I had cookies to share.

The Guard looked at me with an odd expression. “Ma'am, you're a little late for that. I am afraid the cat and dog are gone. Took off about an hour ago.”

“Took off? As in escaped? What does that mean?” ugh panic mixed with that sick feeling of dread.

Then the guard spilled it all. “Here's what happened. We put a carpet in the jail cell so that the cat and dog could lay on it and be comfortable. When we checked on the pair a bit later, we saw them floating out the front door – just sailing, well, like it was a magic carpet. I know how crazy this all sounds. But I swear, they just floated away. And I think they were smiling.”

I grabbed the cookies and spun around on my heels. Just like Escape Kitty and Chena, I also headed out the front door – not floating, not sailing, just irritated! I heard the guard yelling from his desk “hey, what about those cookies?”

What really happened inside those jail walls? Well the Scraps of Darkness Kit- Marrakesh Express, came in the mail during the week. Kitty and I were sitting together opening the box and admiring the gorgeous papers and embellishments. Ohhhhh gorgeous and exotic. This must have been where Kitty dreamed up the idea of going to Morocco one day.

While taking a snooze on the carpet in jail, Kitty must have been wishing really hard that the carpet would turn magical and be the means of escape. Ohhhhhh be careful what you wish for Kitty! For wishes can come true.

Safe travels you hooligans. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Whoops – a bit late for that.

Thanks for looking. Special thanks to Maggi43 for her collaboration on the whacky adventure. Please visit Maggi43's gallery also for more antics from this crazy pair. She has some amazing work.

Also join the fun and creativity at Scraps of Darkness.

Visit Maggi's blog, Scrap Travel Bark for more adventures.
I used the stamp overlays from Designer Digitals - Katie Pertiot. Gosh I love her work. 

Episode #17 Escape Kitty ( and Chena) -Over the Falls in a Barrel

Episode #17 Escape Kitty ( and Chena) -Over the Falls in a Barrel

Little background to fill you in.... I have a Kitty who loves to escape. She can no longer roam about my yard because we now have a coyote that's moved into the neighborhood and is seeking her out. So she lives for the escape and man - she is fast out that door.

Well, there is a Standard Poodle named Chena who somehow heard about Kitty's plight and took action. Chena's owner, fellow scrapper Maggi43, swears Chena was only trying to help. But Chena and Kitty ended up taking a motorhome ( appropriately called the Rolling Doghouse) to Alaska and having some adventurous fun.

Both Maggi and I thought the fun ended when the pets arrived home. My mistake I guess.

Just when we think Escape Kitty and Chena are home safe and sound, BAM gone again. Imagine opening up your morning email to THIS PHOTO????? Headlines "Cat and Dog duo trip over falls makes World Record Book"

Thanks to Maggi43 for her collaboration in all this mess! Big thanks Maggi. I'll chat with YOU later.

Did you know it was illegal to go over the falls? Oh, You did? Well Kitty and Chena did not! Ugh

Right now, I am headed to Niagara Falls to sweet talk the Authorities and get those pets outta of jail.
If anyone has some free time later, would you care to join me in chatting with authorities? I sure could use a hand AND some Excedrin for my ever growing pain in the buttocks. :) I baked some cookies, hoping the authorities have a sweet tooth. Please don't think of it as a bribe but more as a gift of my appreciation in exchange for freedom. :)

We all know Kitty does not do well in lock up. I feel a jail break is coming and I know that spells trouble.

Thanks for looking.
Please visit Maggi43's gallery also for more antics from this crazy pair. She has some amazing work.  See Maggi's blog, Scrap Travel Bark for more adventures and for some amazing art.

Episode #16 Escape Kitty as a Super Hero

Episode #16 Escape Kitty as a Super Hero

This was made for a challenge - you had to pick a super hero and explain, scrap and gab on about their powers, costume, villain, etc. We all know I have the gift of written gab.

Escape Kitty is my Superhero - of course.
1. Scrapped in her Superhero colors: brown and orange for her fur colors and green for the outdoors she loves.

2. Her location: she is sleeping in her Kitty Basket - which would be akin to her Batcave if she were Batman. This is her favorite resting place to think, plot, dream, watch the world and the perfect vantage point to break free as it is directly in front of a sliding glass door. A superhero needs a quick means of escape ya know.

3. The background shows where Kitty plans to travel - far far away lands all around the world

4. I have included her nemesis of sorts: The Dusty Attic chipboard  birds. Birds taunt Escape Kitty all the time and mock her when she is stuck in the house.

5. The compass in the bottom is her tool she uses after she applies her Superhero powers of the quick escape. (I found the compass at a Church sale)

6. Hubby placed a cowboy hat on her to show what she is thinking, where she wants to go next. This is supposed to be like a thought bubble I guess. But Kitty does not wear a costume - she's a cat. No costume except a hat once in a while.

Gotta come clean. While I was searching for Escape Kitty in Colorado - posing to be at Scrapping Camp scrapping with the a bunch of gals (back in saga #15), one of the gals sent me on an errand to get some groceries for dinner. I got a bit side tracked when I saw a church sale.

You've gotta understand! There were no scrapping stores around and I needed supplies so the church sale was gonna have to do. ( and I grabbed some cookies at the bake sale that the other scrapping girls NEVER saw. shhhhhh. Why is it church sales have the BEST cookies?) I did get some stares of wonder when I returned with my next to new stash and assumed it was because I was bringing back junk, but now thinking, it could have been chocolate chip cookie mess all over my face. Hastily eating and all. 

I guess I bought a few things at the church sale. That is where I found the compass in the LO. I also bought a ratty old basket, soaked it in water to soften the reeds or wood and flattened them out to dry. I also found some Colorado sticks and wrapped them together with twine.

The other garage sale find were those metal pieces on the top right . They are really butt ugly earrings. I had to pop them on because they are sooooo darn ugly, but show Kitty's feminine side.

I need to clarify - the butt ugly earrings came in a baggie with the compass. Apparantly the sweet 'lil ladies at thhe church thought they were doing me a favor by creating such a grab bag of goodies complete with triangle earrings. But heck, I used them. LisaN ( Raining) has the other pair of equally unattractive earrings that came in the grab bag. Go search out her extraordinary LO's to see where they show up - and YES, they will be appearing on a LO. She will make them look heavenly because she has that kind of gift! Get it? Church sale, heavenly? LOL - oh brother.

Dinner was a tad late because the errand girl got distracted. OK fine - I admit it now, I did not get lost, I shopped. :)

Thanks for looking. You know who to call if you need a superhero. Yeah, probably not me because I'd stop along the way at a yard sale or something.

Episode #15 Escape Kitty Found

Episode #15 Escape Kitty Found 

Here's how it went down. Kitty and Maggi43's Standard Poodle, Chena have been gone for quite a while exploring Alaska. Well Kitty needs to come home, but they are taking their time about it. 

I attended a scrapping camp in Colorado.  So I figured while I was out in Colorado, I'd multi-task, scrap a little and look for Kitty (because some people like me think they can multitask at all times). I made a sign "Looking For Escape Kitty" to hold up in the airport, and where ever I could. 

I got up every morning very early and went outside as if to take photos of the amazing mountain sunrise. Those 6am "photo" hikes were really little opportunities searching for the Kit-Kat. Brought my sign and it paid off. Seems she was headed to the the scrapping cabin and was gonna crash the scene and scrap a little with the ladies. 
Kitty does love to scrap with me. 

Thus while we were all trying to figure out how to pack our abundantly generous goodies from scrap camp into our suitcase, I had an additional puzzling task because I also had to fit in a Kitty. 

She's back home now with me, but dreaming...I can see it in her eyes. 
Welcome home Kitty and tell me all your travel tales. 

Thanks for looking - though let me tell you, I got a few odd looks at the airport while holding up the sign, "Looking For Escape Kitty" - people would snicker and point as if this were a joke. Wha????? Like YOUR Kitty never went on adventure with a Standard Poodle where you had to search her out at an airport? Like this is odd and I'm the only one? 

Thanks Maggi for your collaboration with this whole strange adventure. 

Looking for Escape Kitty and finding her

Searching High and Low!  Looking for that Cat......in the Denver Airport,  in the mountains....

Looking for Escape Kitty in Denver.

I miss Kitty!
I had heard that Kitty and her traveling companion, Chena, a Standard Poodle owned by Maggi, were on their way home from Alaska, but in no real hurry.  

Rumor mill said that one of the stops was in Denver to visit Chena's uncle.  OK, that's where I am going to start my search.  

So off I set to get that crazy cat back home where she belongs.  I hung signs and went door to door until I found that silly whiskered critter.

Episode #14 Escape Kitty -True Nature

Episode #14  Escape Kitty -True Nature (Designed for  Scraps of Darkness)
True Nature, now what on earth can I mean by that? It's the essence of Escape Kitty, her nature is to be outside and I can prove it using Jen-science.

We cannot help our nature because we are born into our nature, our character. Many animals are born with natural camouflage for their environment that best suits them. Kitty is no different and was born to be outside ( but NOT born to be coyote dinner!).

Take these two photos for example. One is of blondie, StayBehind Cat, Kitty's sweet and trusting cat brother. He was born to live on his cat perch, rising high above the living room floor. He blends right into the yellows of the perch. A master of all that must remain on the floor.

For this reason, StayBehind Cat was born to roam the house.

Photo number 2 is of my woodpile and Escape Kitty. Yeah - she blends right in. She's there but not, ya know? She's smart too, because when she makes her break for freedom, she heads right for the woodpile and vanishes like a superhero with stealth cloaking abilities. Or an invisible cloak for all you non-StarTrek fans. LOL

Look hard, she's there. But definitely born for her environment - which she fully believes is the out doors. It's her true nature.

Now my true nature is to keep her from the Coyote's true nature. 

Episode #13 Escape Kitty ( and Chena) - The Bear Facts, It's a Real Fish Tail

Episode #13 Escape Kitty ( and Chena) - The Bear Facts, It's a Real Fish Tail

Escape Kitty and her pal, a Standard Poodle named Chena, broke free from home and traveled to Alaksa. They have met up with some interesting folk, just not people kind of folk. So far Chena and Kitty made friends with a moose, a wolf, and now a cub. Very diverse group of friends.

This new adventure is a big whopping fish tale. As a kid, my dad was an avid fisherman. We took family fishing vacations - snore! I noticed that he rarely had big success when we were with him to witness the fun (snore), but when he went with his buddies - whoa! Those fish got big! I mean real big. Epic big. Fish Tale big.
Come on , dad, really? I mean really???

Well Escape Kitty's Alaskan adventure splashing around in a stream catching salmon (cuz that's the only kind of fish I know), is something for the record books. :) Come on , Kitty, really? Really???

Who will end up walking away with the fish in it's mouth? My money says it's not going to be Chena....but I do know they will share the spoils of the hunt.

Actually kindof surprised that Kitty is in the water. Now that I know she doesn't mind the water to much, I'm gonna welcome her home from Alaska with a nice warm bath. shhhhhhhh. If word gets out, she'll prolong her trip.

Ohh Kitty, I do miss you. Hope you are having fun.

I use burlap in all Escape Kitty LO's because it reminds me of her and the brown lacy ribbon represents Chena. I also used some Dusty Attic leafy Vines. 

Maggi added this interesting additional commentary regarding the photo:
That salmon that Miss Kitty is checking out is bigger than she is, LOL!!! Just a little note of "historical" interest, the cub was not yet able to catch a live fish so he was contented with playing with the ones that had already spawned and died. His Mom did all the fishing and she shared each on with her cub. One time I saw her catch a salmon and give it to the cub who promptly let it slip away!! Most of the salmon in this creek, aptly named Fish Creek, were large, up to 50 lbs.

Special thanks to Maggi43 for providing the photos of this cub fishing in Alaska and additional inside information. She took them in the Summer of 2010. She also loaned me her Poodle, Chena. Special thanks also to my photoshop instructor, who so patiently taught me the in's and outs of editing magic (well hours and hours of class time but who's counting). 

Arctic Ocean - Escape Kitty and Chena - Guest Designer Maggi

Arctic Ocean - Escape Kitty and Chena - Guest Designer Maggi
Maggi writes in her blog:
When we last saw Escape Kitty and Chena they were romping it up with their bear friends and look at them now! Chena!! What are you doing all the way up there in Tuktoyaktuk??? Please tell me you didn't charter a flight using my credit card!!! You can't drive there and I know you don't have wings...yet. You need to get your little poodle butt in that Rolling Doghouse and get yourself and Miss Kitty home!! Kitty doesn't like water, Jennifer will never forgive you if Kitty runs off. 

Who is that weird looking lady standing beside you? I see you are carrying your tennis ball, are you playing fetch in the Arctic Ocean with her? Geez, Chena the water is about 40ยบ, you're going to freeze to death!!
A note of historical significance - Tuktoyaktuk aka Tuk is in Canada's Northwest Territories on the Arctic Ocean. You can drive as far as Inuvik (scene of some Ice Road Truckers episodes several years ago) on a dirt/gravel highway that is oh, 400 miles or so, I can't remember. From Inuvik you take a 20 minute flight in a 4-6 passenger airplane to Tuk. 

Back in the 90's Molsen Beer was running a Beach Party promotion and one of the beach parties was held in Tuk and Metallica played at the party. Now imagine a Native American village and Metallica. Doesn't quite compute does it?? LOL, well the village elders came out for the concert and apparently evryone enjoyed themselves! It was alcohol free as Tuk is dry as are many native villages. Our guide in Tuk told us all about it!

The crazy lady in the photo is me, note how bundled up I look. It ws the end of June, the water was really cold as and the air wasn't much warmer! This photo is from our 1999 vacation when we lived in Alaska and drove up the Dempster Highway.  Chena and Kitty have been photoshoped into the picture of course!

Thanks Maggi for joining in the adventure and funding this crazy outting with your credit card!  LOL  Gorgeous page and wonderful coldness to this. 

Episode #12 -Escape Kitty (and Chena) - Walk on the Wild Side

Episode #12 -Escape Kitty (and Chena) - Walk on the Wild Side

Just taking a little stroll, looking like they own the road. Conquering all they meet (thank goodness judging from the looks of things). 

OK - for those who have no idea who Escape Kitty is - well she's naughty for sure. Naughty, sneaky, fast, but I do love that sweet little fluff ball.
She used to roam about my backyard letting the wind flick her whiskers and the sun warm her fur. Till a coyote came into my yard. Now she is not allowed out of the house. She can only dream of the escape.

She is a zippy fast door dasher and if you are not real careful, she is out the door with Houdini-like magic abilities.

So how is it she is pictured here strolling outdoors with a wolf? Yes, thanks for asking. :) This was NOT my idea. The Standard Poodle pictured is Chena. She is owned by Maggi43 ( from Scrap Travel Bark blog). I laugh at that because Maggi is really owned by Chena. All pet lovers really know who is in charge at home, and it aint the human! Sorry to break it to you Maggi.

But back on task - so Chena heard Kitty's cry for help to get away and Chena delivered in a big way. Drove a crazy motorhome, called the Rolling Doghouse, into my yard. She knocked down the gates that kept Kitty in. Now she really is Escape Kitty.

Off they drove to see Alaska and make friends as they find them. This photo shows me that while a Dog can be a best friend to so many, so can a wolf? Is that the lesson I am supposed to learn here? Kitty says you really gotta get past the outside of a person/aminal and look at the inner beauty. Everyone is filled with beauty. hmmmmmm- ok.

Safe travels little ones. Come home soon, but leave your friends in Alaska please.

Maggi added some additional insight into this photo:
Oh my goodness Jennifer, that is the wolf that Chena met last summer while we were at Denali National Park, they must be scooting around the Park, they are probably camped at Teklanika where we stayed last summer. Let's hope they don't decide to bring the whole pack home with them!! That wolf has a radio collar on. I heard that only the alpha males wear the tracking collars but don't know if that's true or not. A little background info, the wolf probably belonged to a pack of 12 that was raising 7 pups over the summer. When we left Denali, Aug 1, there were only 5 pups left, :-( the mortality rate is high in the bush. We did get the opportunity to view a couple of the pups from a distance saw them playing near a braided river.

Thanks to my very good friends with amazing inner beauty. Maggi (visit her blog here) for your collaboration and the perfect photo op. Maggi supplied this photo of the wolf, which was indeed from Alaska. And my other good friend with inner beauty, photoshop CS4, which supplied me my own brand of Houdini - like magic. :) 

Escape Kitty and Chena's Beary Good Adventure - Guest Designer Maggi

Escape Kitty and Chena's Beary Good Adventure - Guest Designer Maggi
Excerpt from Maggi's Blog  She writes:
Got another photo from Chena the other day.  Seems the girls are having a lot fun in Alaska playing with bear cubs.  

EK and Chena are playing with a pair of inland cubs at Denali National Park. Look at our FEARLESS kitty standing in between those cubs. 

I am thinking that poodle coat is getting pretty long by now and a BIG matted mess. Oh dear, I'll have to shave her down when she gets home, IF she ever gets home. Chena, your Dad and I would really like our motorhome back,  so you and EK need to turn that rig around and head for home. Ha-ha, I think they are having way too much fun!! 

Kitty and Chena just seem to be making friends everywhere they go.  Good for them.  Remember that all friends must stay in Alaska!  No one comes home with you!

Thanks Maggi for your gorgeous layout.  You did am amazing job bringing the natural feel of the photo into the page.  Thanks for your collaboration.

Episode #11 -Escape Kitty (and Chena) - Taming the Wild

Episode #11 -Escape Kitty (and Chena) - Taming the Wild

Link To Scrap Travel Bark - Maggi's blog

Escape Kitty has run off to Alaska with her bud, Chena, a Standard Poodle (owned by Maggi42). Here they are making friends in a big way. :) 
Doesn't get much bigger then a moose.

Making friends and all is just great - but Kitty I WARN YOU.....DO NOT invite these friends to our house for a visit, for holiday dinner, or to stay over summer vacation. Do we understand each other?

Those crazy travelers are taking on the Alaskan wild one animal at a time.

I used Dusty Attic snowflakes, made my own tree out of cardboard, paint and molding paste, and added the touch of burlap to symbolize Kitty and the brown lace to symbolize Chena.

OK true confessions......I am dying to buy the Timmy Holtz Sizzix tree die cut, but have not committed the funds yet. I needed a quick stand in tree, so was forced to use my supplies. I dumpster dived for the cardboard I used to create the tree. LOL. I am a hopeless garbage picker.

Thanks Maggi for your collaboration and for allowing Chena to mastermind this adventure. And thanks for looking.

The Alaska Saga Continues! Escape Kitty and Chena on the Road

The Saga Continues! Chena and Escape Kitty by special guest, Maggi.

Link to Scrap Travel Bark - Maggi's blog
My good friend Maggi, (Maggi43), has a beautiful Standard Poodle, Chena, who was longing to escape the confines of her home, and heard about Kitty’s desire to break free.  With that, Chena and Kitty cooked up a crazy scheme to borrow Maggi's motor home along with Maggi’s credit card and make their way to Alaska.  

 These two rogues are now on the road!!  Peelin down the highway, roaming about Alaska.  Now back at home, Kitty is not one to enjoy the cold snowy ground so I am surprised they picked Alaska.  Truth be told, Chena loves the snow and I do believe Chena was the one who said, ”heck, let’s go to Alaska!”

They are BFF's now but I am wondering at what point Chena will get tired of Kitty's complaining about the snow and cold and Kitty’s cold feet.
Well so far no problems. The pair have found a sweet way to stay warm.  Aren't they sweet snuggled up together?
Thanks for your collaboration on this Maggi.  Please check out her blog and her scrap artwork.  She is one amazing talent!  Another gorgeous, fun and beautifully scrapped adventure.

Escape Kitty and Chena reach Alaska - Special Guest Maggi43 from Scrap Travel Bark

Escape Kitty and Chena reach Alaska - Special Guest Maggi43 from Scrap Travel Bark 

Link to Scrap Travel Bark
Seems the travelers made it to Alaska.  It looks like Chena stopped along the way to get her hair done.  She looks so cute with a bow in it. Really festive, Chena! Fancy driving too, as they made the trip in good time. 

In typical cat fashion, EK's gotta take the high road and hop on top of the sign to get an aerial view. What is it about cats that makes them want to be taller than anything around them? 

Wonder what the vacation agenda is?  Where are you going next little travelers?  And who is changing the kitty litter?  At my house, it’s NOT Kitty doing all the litter scooping and changing, so that leaves me to wonder… come to think of it, Kitty doesn’t handle any of the chores around my house.  Just what state is the Rolling Doghouse in?  ugh.  Thank goodness it’s Maggi’s motor home and NOT mine.  (sorry Maggi). 
This is a gorgeous layout.  Makes me laugh – great photoshopping, great florals, layers and Maggi even included the burlap and the brown lace to represent Escape Kitty and Chena.
Thanks for your collaboration on this Maggi.  Please check out her blog and her scrap artwork.  She is one amazing talent!