Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing all you kind and gentle folk a Happy 2012 full of adventure, happiness, safety and great health. 

And here's to a new year full of puuuuurfect friendships. 

copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from My Staff

Merry Christmas from my staff.    
Yes, I have staff. Every pet has staff and if you are reading this, I am betting you are someone's dedicated and devoted staff member.   Mine is my mom, pictured above with me.

Staff members are usually the folks that make you look good, put positive spins on things and generally make the world a better place for the master (me).    But in my particular case, I think I do all that for my staff (mom).  

Anyway, I am here to pass along the good season wishes of my mom.
Merry Christmas and have a happy and healthy 2012.

You can tell we are related because we have the same smile.

After the holidays are over, I have GOT TO BUST outta here!
copywrite 2012 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho Ho Ho.....Santa's on His way and so is Kitty

It's official - Santa is on his way and that means Kitty is too.  
This is a recap of 2010 to get ya'll excited!

And now you can track where he is for  Christmas 2011.
As for Kitty, She's all napped up and ready to go.  She tried to talk this guy below into going with her.  It's her cat brother, StayBehind Cat.  

She gave him some cheesy cheap reindeer ears to wear and said he'd fit right in with the rest of the eight, Rudolph and friends.  His name is StayBehind Cat for a reason.  He's momma's chicken-hearted homebody.  He is afraid to leave his house.   Case in point......look at the utterly terrified look on his little blond face.  awe baby!

Escape Kitty simply did not want him to miss the good times.  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Episode #33 - Santa's Hat - You decide

The image is from Bella Creations.    Very cool and vintage.  Thanks Bella gals. 

Here is the close up of the Dusty Attic piece.
Thanks for spending time here.  We appreciate this.  

Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Escape Kitty Episode #32- Santa's Helpers and The Color Room #89

Escape Kitty Episode #32- Santa's Helpers and The Color Room #89 

This is Escape Kitty Episode #32- 
Kitty is taking time out of her adventures to enjoy the Christmas Season. Looks as if she is getting a little cozy in Santa's basket. Guess she figured if ya want to keep up with Santa's busy busy delivery schedule, ya gotta move quick. Kitty's quick - but Santa....well he's magical quick. 

Kitty's just feline sneaky quick. big difference. The basket it is then. 

There could be a bit of conflict at each house however with the whole cookies and milk thing for Santa. Kitty doesn't eat cookies but adores milk. I am hoping that while Santa is busy delivering gifts and boxes and toys, Kitty doesn't lap up all the milk left out by the sweet children. 

Kitty! Please share nice and leave some drink for the "Big Guy". 

Kitty wishes you all a wonderful and joyful Christmas season and thanks you for reading. 

The wonderful design was for the Dusty Attic sketch challenge by Michelle Grant. She is a master at design!  Thanks Michelle!

Thanks also to Sue Feher for the reindeer photo. 

I also used some deeeeelishious Dusty Attic here -snowflake and name plate that I cut up. 

Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

Here is the cluster detail up close.

Here is the wonderful Dusty Attic snowflake and the name plate that I cut to fit my needs.
I painted them both with Adirondack Paint - Snow Cap.  The snowflake also has a layer of Shimmerz Enamlez melted on it. 

And this is the close up of the photo.  Kitty looks completely happy as the basket passenger. 
Thanks again to Sue Feher and to you for looking. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Escape Kitty #31 and Reveal Day - December Scraps of Darkness Winter's Eve

Introducing Winter's Eve - December Scraps Of Darkness Kit. 
It's now available and it's gorgeous.  

Escape Kitty #31 – Seasons Greetings Kitty Style – Scraps Of Darkness (Based on the sketch of Charlotte - suepup.)

Kitty is taking time out of her busy plotting and planning schedule to enjoy the sights, smells, tastes and warm cozy napping fires of the season.  Before Christmas  came upon us, she was planning on setting sail as a pirate.  Now she’s gonna wait till after Christmas.  Smarty-pants  knows  good thing!  
To get into the Christmas spirit, Kitty decided to deck herself out with a wreath.   Be a real pretty girl for a change.

After wearing a pine cone wreath around her neck for a day or so, she realized it was very limiting –VERY pretty, but dog gone problematic.  It severely hindered her ability to reach her food dish or curl up on her soft bed.  Heck, she couldn’t even jump up on the kitchen table to annoy the family – the ultimate of cat annoyances.    There’s no fitting under the Christmas tree to play with the dangling bulbs.  She can’t run away when her cat brother wants to chase.  No way to get her ears scratched on demand.  
 Just stuck sitting and being photo pretty. It’s on the same level as wearing 6 inch spike heels – a great look as long as you are sitting. Oh it’s so hard to be the pretty girl.  Being pretty has its price I guess, Kitty! (eye roll).  

So anyway Kitty begged for me to take this photo quickly and get the dang festive wreath off her. I hung it in the doorway instead.  A much better place for a scratchy pinecone wreath anyway. 
Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.  

Love Escape Kitty 

I used the Dusty Attic snowflakes for interest.   I embossed with Shimmerz Enamelz Sparkalicious.
On the bottom layer, I used molding paste and a snowflake screen from Crafters Workshop. 

Also included the magnificent stickpin from Craftysprinkles/Mandy Harrell.  

This was made using the Scraps Of Darkness December Kit - Winter's Eve.  Kitty is proud to be the Mascot Designer .  The kit is packed with such amazing papers and fun embellies.  It’s very diverse and can fit into any scrapping style preference.   Come check out the fun.
You can also see the Design Team inspiration here.

Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

Thanks for looking 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Escape Kitty #30 - Kitty Meets Chez's Bird

Escape Kitty #30 - Kitty Meets Chez's Bird

Escape Kitty is a pirate searching for a parrot side-kick to sit on her shoulder. She scoped out a hummingbird and he was too small, too fast, too crazy. 

She scoped out a pair of Macaws and they were much too large. 

There is a dear sweet scrap artist at Scrapbook.com , Chez, who mentioned that she had a pet bird she calls, Cockie. 

Kitty managed to meet up with dear Chez's pet Cockie. Just a stunning bird indeed. Here Kitty and Cockie are having a little conversation - looks like a stare-down to the average person but it's all in the body language. 

Cockie had to let Kitty down easy with a "thanks but no thanks". If he travels away from Chez's wonderful garden paradise, he might get his gorgeous white feathers dirty. That's just not becoming for a handsome proud bird dressed in white. 

So off to to some thinking. arrrrrggggg. Perhaps the life of a pirate is not so easy after all Kitty. Safe travels. 

Thanks a ton to Chez for letting me borrow Cockie! Please go check out Chez's amazing gallery. She is so talented and one of the first artists I tagged as a favorite artist when I joined SB.com. She's like the mayor over there always spreading sunshine and kind words and comments. 

I also used the wonderful Dusty Attic mini garden gates to represent Chez's garden. 

This was made with the gorgeous Scraps Of Darkness Nov. Kit called Purple Haze. It's diverse and playful and fun. Come check us out where Kitty is the Official Mascot Designer. 

Here I used some molding paste and applied it to a Tattered Angels mask.  After it dried, I used some Stickles  in Icicle  to give it glitter and glam.

I used the purple shabby chic ribbon that came in the Scraps Of Darkness Nov Kit and just wound them up a bit like little flowers.
Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder 

Thanks for looking

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 100th layout post on Dusty Attic! Celebrate

Happy 100th layout post on Dusty Attic
This layout is a collaboration between mommy and me.  So we thought it fitting to use a mommy and me type photo.  we both adore Dusty Attic.

Below is the Dusty Attic column that we gussied up with paint and rub ons and gold leaf on the edges. 
The lace is a gift from Rachelle Sigurdson and the punch is a suggestion from Lisa Novogradski. 
Thanks ladies for such wonderful gifts and ideas.   My new favorite punch.

In our slick way (my idea of course) the column and our two heads make the "100" - course it's so slick that I have to point it out to you.  LOL  I am the Cat Queen of subtle. 

Thanks to the folks at Dusty Attic who make these little chipboard pieces to darn irresistible -even for the likes of a cat.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Escape Kitty #29 - Still Searching for a Pirate Parrot

Escape Kitty #29 - Still Searching for a Pirate Parrot 
Episode #29 - Kitty is currently a Pirate preparing for the open sea. Yeah I know - she doesn't have her hat and eye patch on right now, but trust me. She's a Pirate. Forget about the eye patch for a moment - she needs to complete the look with a parrot for her shoulder. 

In Episode #28, she thought she'd start the search close to home (in our neighbors yard) and tried to approach a hummingbird for the job. Let's just say it wasn't an ideal match -too small, too fast, too irritating. 

After regrouping, Kitty spotted this pair of Macaws; a Scarlet Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. Now we're talking. 

Looked promising. Kitty is always thinking! A typical pirate has only one parrot. She could have two - a bird for each shoulder! What a great and unique idea. She could be extra special. 

Here in the photo, the Macaws take a moment to chat amongst themselves and discus the job opportunity. 

"OK, Yep We're IN". 

The Scarlet Macaw was the first to step off her perch and on to Kitty's shoulder. Well, she tried, and tried again, and then one last time. The Blue and Gold Macaw decided he'd give it a shot. Stepped off the perch and was able to get one leg (talon) on but that's able all that would fit. (Later Kitty would admit it was a ridiculously big talon and equally ridiculous idea) 

"I'm sorry Kitty, we just don't fit. We are way too big. Perhaps you can hop on our backs? We'll fly you where you want to go." 

Kitty stomped off in utter disgust at the suggestion. 
That's nonsense. No Pirate alive flies! We sail on the ocean, not in the air. 

Off to rethink this plan. Don't give up Escape Kitty. There's a bird out there somewhere for you. 

And NO -the blue feathers are NOT from the Macaws tail end. Shame on you for thinking Kitty would take them for use on a LO. Uh...right Kitty? back me up here Kitty. 

There are some Dusty Attic ferns here as part of the Macaws habitat. The flowers are Graphic 45 metal flowers that I embossed with the Vintaj embossing plates.  Added some Adirondack paints and a brad.  

The papers are from Quick Quotes and were the perfect color pop I needed to accent my birds. 

I made the organza flower below with a few layers of organza circles that I cut and sewed together. 

These are Macaws I took at the Naples Zoo, Naples Florida.  I just brought the Zoo to Kitty.

Thanks again for looking and have a puuuurfect day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Escape Kitty wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.

How many of you are gonna be doing the same thing as Kitty on Thanksgiving after a wonderful meal?
There's lot to be thankful for this year, like restful quiet naps. shhhhhh, I'm not supposed to be sleeping on the kitchen table.

Meeting new friends.....like Chena and the lone wolf on their trip to Alaska.   Chena is Maggi's Harding's Standard Poodle.  Boy, I just love my new friends however I've been warned NOT to invite my new friends for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Go figure.

Saying Goodbye to dear friends and family.... We miss you Uncle Michael and we love you.

For fun warm fall days chasing falling leaves in my back yard.....

For adventures to faraway places (with my best friend, Chena).......

For the warmth of a loving home where I can return to and be safe......

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for you also!

Thanks Maggi for your collaboration.  Please visit Scrap travel Bark to see more Escape Kitty/Chena adventures.
copy write 2011 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Escape Kitty #28 - Are You a Pirate Parrot?

Escape Kitty Episode #28 - Are You a Pirate Parrot?

In episode #27, Escape Kitty has put on a pirate outfit and has decided to set sail  - well as soon as she gets out of the house; makes her way to the sea; finds a seaworthy vessel she can hop on.  

But first, Kitty needs to find a Parrot Pirate Partner.  Every good successful pirate has a parrot. Kitty needs one too - or at least any bird to sit on her shoulder.      hmmmmm where to look. Where to look????????  oh yeah.  The neighbors yard of course.  She remembered that the neighbor has 3 hummingbird feeders that have a ton of traffic.  Numerous hummingbrids are always buzzing around and fighting for a spot on the feeder.  They really get scrappy when they want to take a drink.  Kitty is convinced that due to their aggressive nature, they'd make a puuuurfect Pirate Partner.  sassy, edgy,a true fighting spirit. 

So she sneaked over ever so quietly and waited for a bird to land.  

"Excuse me,   excuse......hey come back".  Dagnabit those little buggers are fast.  Gonna have to talk quicker to get my point across.  

So she sits in wait for another chance at the hummingbird, sees one about to land and takes a deep breath.  "Excusememisterhummingbird.  CanIhaveamomentofyour".... bird flies away......"time".

She was trying to say, "Excuse me Mr. Hummingbird.  Can I have a moment of your time" but he flew away before she could finish.  Poor little Kitty - clearly a hummingbird will make a bad choice for a Pirate Matey.  He'll never sit still long enough to hear a word you utter.  Plus i doubt he'd ever even sit on your shoulder.  

Try, try again Kitty. 

This was made using the Scraps Of Darkness November Kit - Purple Haze.  Based on the sketch of Charlotte - suepup.  Kitty's first design of her own!!!  These are exciting time. She is proud to be the Mascot Designer for Scraps Of Darkness.

I used some Dusty Attic Leafy stems here and Spellbinders leaves with the Bo Bunny Garden Girl papers and my little bits of burlap that you can find on every layout.  It represents Escape Kitty because she like to rub on and play with the burlap roll Jennifer (JRABS) has in her scrapping nook. 

Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty   by Jennifer Snyder

Happy Reveal Day!
Purple Haze ingredients:

Cardstock:  Bazzill:  Brandywine, Melon, Hot Pink, Cutie, Pajama

PP:  Bo Bunny Garden Girl:  Arbor, Poppy, Wisteria, Wild Flowers, Stripe, Vines, Garden Girl
        Basic Grey Indie Bloom:  panache, pico de gallo
        Quick Quotes Julie Je t'aime:  200

Coordinating Paper:  Glitz Design Dance In Sunshine:  Birds, Polka
                                    Quick Quotes Julie Je t'aime: 400
                                    Fabscraps High Tea:  Garden Party, Music Note

Romance:  Prima:  Shabby Chic Resin Treasures Mini Windows, Sparrow Birds Nests, Amore Violet
                   Bo Bunny Garden Girl:  Rub Ons
                   Quick Quotes:  Vellum Quotes - Scatter Sunshine
                   ZVA:  Lavender Crystal Dots
                   Craftysprinkles:  Pin
                   General:  2" White Fringe

Color:        Crafter's Workshop:  Tye Dye template
                  Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist:  Blitzen, Candy Corn
                  Ranger:  Mint Green Liquid Pearls, Lavender Lace Liquid Pearls, Picket Fence Crackle Paint

Flora:        Prima:  Regia - Redwood, Bretton Vines - Alyssa
                  Petaloo:  Glitter Critters, Canterbury Glittered - Amethyst, Crochet - Yellow and Orange

Main:         Kaisercraft Alpha Chipboard #3
                  Bo Bunny Garden Girl:  Noteworthy die cuts
                  ZVA CR-03CA-116
                  Paper Moon Supply - Magic Tag
                  Quick Quotes - How Wonderful Vellum Journaling
                  Basic Grey - Indie Bloom Accordian Stickers
                  Ranger Liquid Pearls - Cantaloupe
                  Hand dyed Silk Bias Cut Ribbon
                  Peace sign brads

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My first Reveal as Mascot Designer for Scraps Of Darkness

Scraps of Darkness November Kit - Purple Haze on Nov 15th

I am getting ready to reveal my first layout as a designer.  Did you ever in a million cat years think that I  - World Traveler, Explorer, Super Hero, Cat-About-Town, would now be a designer?
Ohhhhh still makes me laugh and get all excited.

But the day is almost here and I will give you a tiny peak.

Shhhhhhhhh.  It's all I can show you.   But check back in two days for the full story.  This one is great!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Enchanting Creations Magazine Published My Great Great Granny Kitty's Layout!

Enchating Creations Magazine Published My Great Great Granny Kitty's Layout!  Nov 2011edition.

Hey Great Great Granny! You've been published.    How exciting. 

This is a great magazine because it is so easy to read.  With the ease of reading a real magazine, except so much easier for a gal like me with no thumbs to easily flip pages. 
Thanks kindly folks at Enchanting Creations!    May you have a puuuuurfect day.

copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty   by Jennfier Snyder

Escape Kitty #27 - Pirate Mutiny PLUS Some Big News

Ahoy!  Introducing the newest Mascot Designer!
Miss Escape Kitty is now Mascot Designer at Scraps Of Darkness.  
This spells mutiny in our household with both of us now designing.......

 Escape Kitty #27 - Pirate Mutiny created with the Oct Scraps Of Darkness Kit, All Hallows Eve. 

Arrrrrrgh ye Matey
 It's time to blow me timbers and shove off to sea.  
 This land lubbing life is not right for me.  
                                     Escape Kitty

I do believe Kitty's causing a mutiny in my house.  She's got to get out and see the world or just see her back yard.  She's been grounded and stuck inside the house for about a month now. 

Awe poor Kitty you say?  Nonsense.  Might YOU be wantin to walk the plank with ye 'ol scallywag thoughts?  She borrowed my credit card to go on her adventures and racked up a mighty frisky balance. 
So, don't be a-sayin poor Little Kitty!

Anyway, she strolled about the house wearing this hat.  Cute.  I thought it was just another Halloween costume she was trying.  Ohhhhhh nooooo!  It wasn't.  It's for real.  She said she's heading out to open seas - though we do not live near the ocean.  She also said she was going to search for a Parrot friend to sit on her shoulder as all Pirates need a parrot companion.  Since birds are her nemesis, she does realize that may be a problem, but she is not an unreasonable pirate Kitty and will negotiate. 

And what's up with the eye patch Kitty?

The treasure chest below has a credit card tucked into it!  In the name of Escape Kitty???  
Big trouble a brewing for sure. 

Thanks for looking and have a puuuuurfect day.  
Copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty   by Jennifer Snyder

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Escape Kitty #26 - Purfect Witch

Escape Kitty - Episode #26 - Purfect Witch created using the scraps of Darkness Oct Kit.  
Nothing like coming home from work and finding your Kitty trying on her Halloween costume. Yeah, it surprised me a bit, but tis the season. 

What has me worried is that I cannot seem to find my broom anyplace. Don't get me wrong - not that I care to sweep the place up, but that Kitty may be considering a new tactic of escape. She's already used a magic carpet - the magic broomstick's not out of the question. 

I'll take full advantage of not being able to find the broom as my excuse not to clean this month. Thanks Kitty! 

What she thinks is funny is that her skirt has bird feathers stuck in it. Since birds seem to taunt her when she is stuck inside, the feather skirt is the ultimate insult to the bird population. 

This was created using the design of Michelle grant for the Dusty Attic sketch challenge. This may very well by my favorite design by the talented Michelle but then again I always say that. I used a Dusty Attic name plate. 

Also want to take a moment to thank all those neked birds looking for their feathers. Must have been crows since the feathers are black. Sorry dudes - their mine now! 

Created using the Scraps Of Darkness Oct Kit- All Hallows Eve. The kits get more and more amazing every month. The reason I love this kit is that it allows me the versatility to create in a number of styles.....Kitty style, or fun, romantic and dark creepy. It all works. 

copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Escape Kitty #25 - The World Around Her

Escape Kitty #25 -  The World Around Her

Ohhhh poor lil thing.  She's still grounded. Stuck inside the house.  
Why is this sweet little angel  of a Kitty grounded you might ask?  Well, she went traveling around the world and did not want to leave home without a credit card, so she used mine.  

In her defense, she thought it was ok and the thing to do.  Her travelin companion, Chena, had a credit card so she thought she needed one also.  Kitty got sick of mooching off Chena.  I have to give Kitty some "credit" for that at least - just not MY credit.  LOL

Chena is a back standard poodle owned by Maggi, by the way.  And Chena had her paws on a credit card becuase Maggi let Chena have her credit card for their trip to Alaska, but she forgot to ask for it back.  WHOOPS!

One spending free-for-all led to the next, and the next.  Now Maggi and I are all tapped out.  Thus and such Kitty is grounded. 

This is a photo of Kitty looking out from my cob web covered garage window as I drive away for work one very early morning.  So sad.  Stuck inside while the world goes on around her.   Once again being taunted by the birds.  

It never dawned on me to actually CLEAN my garage windows, but yeah, looking at them now, they are really nasty.  

Here are some close-ups of the details.  The embellishments came from the Scraps Of Darkness kit. 
The kits are jammed packed with amazing goodies.  Perfect for any style of scrapper.

I also added some wonderful Dusty Attic branches on the LO.  Love the Dusty Attic. 

Please check out Maggi's blog, Scrap Travel Bark for more adventures.  Thanks for her amazing collaboration.  

Thanks for looking and have a puuuurfect day.

copywrite 2011 Escape Kitty                    by Jennifer Snyder