Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Maja Girls (and Cat) - Maja Design Team 2013

May we proudly present our Creative Team of 2013!

Camilla EkmanCamilla S BakkeIvana CamdzicRachelle SigurdsonRomy Veul

All these beautifully talented women are Maja Girls for 2013. 
Scrapbooking paper inspired by romantic vintage design
Maja Design is innovative, high quality and well designed paper for scrapbooking and crafts. Our unique patterned paper are all inspired by romantic vintage style. We hope our beloved designs will inspire you to create great joyful creations.

First - Big huge congrats to all the team. An amazing lineup of talent and pizazz.  

but anyone notice something dreadfully wrong?   Someone perhaps a little bit MISSING from here?   Like Me? 

shhhhhhhhh  this is between you and me- but I have already picked out my favorite pieces of Maja Designs paper and will help myself. 
It's too gorgeous to let Jen have all the design fun.  

Copyright  2012 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

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