Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Escape Kitty and Chena and the Treasure Chest - by Maggi Harding

Escape Kitty and Chena by Maggi Harding - created for the ** Flying Unicorn CT**  

Maggi sent me this!  Oh my goodness, the trouble those two get in.  Looks like Kitty and Chena need to step away from the "Gangsta pirate element".    This pirate is packing.  Grab the jewels and run, lil darlins.  RUN!!

Here is what Maggi writes:
Sooooo….where DID Chena and Escape Kitty find that treasure chest? Oh those two, they’ve been sailing the high seas and roaming around the wilds of Australia for the last couple of months (they’ve got Jen’s credit card this time, HA HA) Looks like they stumbled on the Black Pearl and found the Deadman’s Chest. Hmm, the least you could of done Chena, was gotten a photo with Johnny Depp in it!! And are you bringing me some of those jewels, you know you could get out of debt that way.

Did either of you notice that your “comrade” there is holding a pistol in his hand?? Do you know why they call that a deadman’s chest? You kids need to get some smarts and watch who you’re hanging out with!! You are a dog and a cat, you really are not pirates my loves, you really need to get a reality check!!!! Please come home Chena, I am worried about your sweet furry face and Miss Kitty, she isn’t a pirate, she’s a sweet little cat and she belongs home with Stay Behind Cat.

Hopefully this photo means the girls are sailing home from the wilds of Australia. Sail safe Kitty, Chena be nice, don’t end up in the brig!!
Maggi took this photo while on vacation in Florida.  Cracks me up!  Johnny Depp was not available so she got the next best pirate to sit for a photo.    Don't those pets look so darn cute? 

Please check out Maggi's blog, Scrap, Travel, and Bark for more stories, technique and inspiration.  She is an amazing artist with the creativity and imagination only surpassed by the likes of Kitty and Chena.
Thanks for looking

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