Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh My Goodness ME! - I am featured at CSI- Colors, Stories and Inspiration

                                                     Colors, Stories and Inspiration case file #13

Oh My, Oh Me.  I was selected as the CSI Star Witness this week.  I am honored beyond my wildest dreams - and those tend to be WILD!

Perhaps they picked me because of my exotic looks and winning charm?  I'm willing to give my "handler", Jennifer a tad bit 'o credit BUT I'm sticking with the good looks angle on this BIG WIN!  Sorry momma.

The Star Witness award is for what I call ROBUST story tellin.  If there is ONE THING I do best, it's story embellishing.  Well, after escaping.   So that's really two things I do best.  I think the list might include a few more things.  Lets just round up and say I do about ten things really great.  LOL - My modesty is tops.  whoops my mistake, make that eleven.

Anyway, thanks a million great staff at CSI.  You are dear to my Kitty heart.

By the way, I share the spot light in looks this week with Bunny.   Bunny Kitty, that is.  Yeah, I know, right?  His name still makes me giggle.  Is he cat?  Is he Bunny? But he sure is hoppin cute.

Here is the layout that is featured and Mr Bunny Kitty's special moment in the spot light.

Thanks again to Teri Pannesi who sent me Bunny's photo and asked me to make him a star.  With dreamy looks like that?  He needs NO help and NO matchmakers assistance (swoon).  Please check out  TeriP.  Thanks a  million for  contributing to the Escape Kitty Adventures.  

And special thanks to good folks like you that love cats.  Please remember to Help a Cat OUT and LIKE me on Facebook.  Only YOU can help this cat out. 

copyright 2012 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

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