Who is Escape Kitty?

Let me introduce myself. I am Escape Kitty.

I got my start on Sept 1, 2010 as I was out playing in the yard enjoying the birds and squirrels. Really just minding my own business. Happy. Content. Daydreaming.

When, but in an instant, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Since cats are noted for their superior vision, I had to do a double take because I thought my eyesight had failed me. I shut my kitty eyes for a moment and reopened them to disbelief.

A coyote? In MY yard? Could it be? And he's drooling my way? Move move move! Find my mom . Run to safety.

Big mistake! Really big mistake. Now she never lets me outside. Done - left to dream. ahhhhh but Kitty dreams really do come true.

So come follow me! I am off to Escape.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Escape Kitty - Dreaming From the Window - Scraps Of Darkness Reveal

It's reveal day!  Yippee.  Kitty's here to help unveil the April Scraps Of Darkness, Sakurbana Kit.  I had to look up the word.  It's definitely NOT part Kitty-lingo like, say, tuna, mouse, and catnip would be.
Sakurbana is Japanese for cherry blossom. This kit has a cool exotic edge to it this month.  Right up Kitty's alley.  Now this is not going to shock you - but once again Kitty whole heartedly believes the kit was created with her in mind...exotically speaking.   

This layout was created using the design by Charlotte Jenkins, also known as suepup.  Thanks Charlotte for your monthly inspiration. 

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty - not everything is about you.  She can find an angle to nearly anything. 
Here is the kit photo.  Magnificent.

Escape  Kitty -Dreaming from My Window
Kitty created this for Renea Harrison's Stalker Challenge that runs April - June at Scraps of Darkness/ Scraps Of Elegance.     

Here is a quick run down of Renea's rules. 
 This month we are going to do a twist on the Stalker Challenge, and pretend that I am the Stalker. I have become your Stalker and I am know stalking your home. I want you to pick out a room in your home that I would see and tell me something about that room. Beginning the title with "This Is Where I .........".

Kitty did not title this exactly as the directions said, well, because I helped her with the title and sometimes I am "direction challenged".  LOL.  So this is what we are stuck with -sorry Kitty.    

Anyway, this is Escape Kitty and her cat brother, StayBehindCat just gazing out the open window enjoying the fresh morning air.   This seems to be "Central Command" at our house for the cats.  This is 
where they dream, nap, converse with the birds and squirrels and generally enjoy life at home.

You can almost see the wheels turning in Kittys head.  Almost.

There is a rub on here to the left of the photo that is sooooo  puuurfect for Miss Kitty reads:  
I may not have gone where I intended to go but I think I've ended up where I intended to be.  

I used some Dusty Attic chandeliers small 2pk DA0080, painted black and added some accent gems. 
Give Kitty a little ritz to her view. 

I also used a Prima mask and stenciled the bottom and top corner with black paint.

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copyright 2012 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder

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